The PSA questions the late payment of promised monies for PTSC and HDC workers

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The PSA president has supported PTSC and HDC workers who staged walk out protests, the 'result' of failure by these state entities to honor agreements that workers would be paid monies owed to them. The PSA believes that nine years is a very long time to be waiting on an agreement to be honored.

Speaking to the media, President of the Public Service Association (PSA) Watson Duke said workers from both State owned companies have been told for more than nine years that things are being put in place to pay workers their money. According to the president, “We have been hearing that as a recurring decimal for the last three months. For the last six years they have been told they (HDC) are dealing with it. One of the retirees told me she has to spend thousands of dollars when the month come to buy medication. How long can she continue to lean on her grandchildren and family for assistance, it is sad.” The PSA maintains that workers receiving their monies is the honorable thing to do.

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The PSA believes that the payment agreement between the PSA and PTSC should be kept. Bus image attribution, PTSC.

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