Government wage restraint matter is best answered at the polls.

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The Association's president called on public servants not to vote the People’s National Movement ( PNM ) in the upcoming local government elections and a means of protesting the handling of various worker issues. Among the concerns of the president is the Finance Minister's zero per cent wage negotiation remark.

According to the president, "there is local government coming up and I am asking all workers to vote the PNM out of local Government. Even if it is just to balance the power. Vote them out. Do not vote for them. Vote for anybody". The alleged move the PSA believes, would  widen the gap that exists between the middle and upper classes in the country, and create untold hardship.  Duke said Finance Minister Colm Imbert's decree for workers to go for 2017 to 2020 without a salary increase was akin to “pulling something over our eyes and saying do not look into the future, it does not look good.”

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Show your dissatisfaction with any proposed ‘wage freeze’ which will bring hardship to all.

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