Did you know?

  • That the Trade Union is a continuous and permanent democratic organization voluntarily created by workers, to protect themselves at their work places, to improve their conditions of work through collective bargaining procedures, to seek to better the conditions of their lives, to secure their natural rights,
  • That it is your Constitutional Right to join a Trade Union of your choice?
  • That the Industrial Relations Act of 1972 provides protection to you as a Union Representative against victimization at your work place?
  • That as a member of the PSA, we will handle your Grievance?
  • That we negotiate handsome benefits should you be offered V.S.E.P.?
  • That as a member of the PSA you are entitled to representation for suspension termination of employment or dismissal?
  • That we will represent you if your rights are being infringed?
  • That we negotiate handsome benefits to improve your conditions of Service?
  • That we will represent you if you have been overlooked for a promotion or is temporary and desires to be permanently appointed?
  • That we will represent you at Disciplinary Tribunals or assist in any way to secure your Rights?
  • That we will represent you at the Ministry of Labour and the Industrial Court to resolve your grievances and to get justice?
  • That the PSA represents Contract Workers and offer specialized services in this regard?
  • That the purpose of Negotiations is to arrive at an Agreement to increase and regulate salaries and terms and conditions of employment?
  • That the PSA negotiated a Group Health Plan for all Public Officers at the best premium available for the range of benefits provided?
  • That we will represent you if your position has been made redundant or if a V.S.E.P. is offered to you?
  • That the Collective Agreement is a negotiated document between Employer and Union and must be registered with the Industrial Court?
  • That the PSA is directly responsible for the reintroduction of double digit % increases into T&T. In 1999-2001, we negotiated a 10% increase. Again in 2002-2004 we also negotiated a 15% increase.
  • That for the period 2005-2007, the PSA negotiated a ground breaking 38% increase with across the board dollar value increases. We set the bench marks that other Unions follow.
  • That Trade Union rights are protected under- The Trinidad & Tobago Constitution, Chapter 1:01 (1976), Section 4(J), The Civil Service Act, Chapter 23:01 (1966) Section 24(1) and (2), International Labour Organisation Conventions 87 and (1948), Article (2), The Industrial Relations Act, Chapter 88:01 (1972), Section 42(1) and (2).

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