The PSA offers a range of services to its members. Some are what we presently offer. As a union with a focus on not just representation but member development as well.

Check our extended services list, some of what is done, and some will be on offer, over time.

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Greivance Handling And Dispute Resolution
  • Health, Safety And The Environment
  • Education Services
  • Social Benefits
  • Public Policy And Governance

We're working collaboratively with all agents to ensure that all Public officers enjoy equal rights in the market place. Fair pay, benefits, access to services and job security.

Our proposed extended services

  • We offer legal services for personal matters at reduced costs to members.
  • We negotiate attractive lending and fixed deposit rates from financial institutions on behalf of our members.
  • We negotiate with guest houses and hotels special rates for our members and their families or guests.
  • We negotiate special discounts from merchandisers for our members.
  • We aere working to partner with UWI and other stakeholders with a view to embarking on small scale agriculture across the country to supply produce at a substantially reduced costs to our members.
  • We are presently exploring the feasibility of investing in supermarkets and pharmacies to provide these goods and services at reduced costs to our members. Alternatively, we aim to negotiate with providers of these services, discount rates on behalf of our members.
  • Notwithstanding our health plan, we are working to negotiate reduced rates with leading health facilities on behalf of our members and their dependants.
  • We negotiate discount rates from hardware/building companies for our members.
  • We provide gym facilities or negotiate reduced membership rates at gyms throughout the country.

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