Our leadership

The new PSA Leadership is here to make a difference. Over the period ending in 2013, as clearly demonstrated, we’ve laid a foundation to realize our vision of the Public Officer.  Over the next four (4) years we intend to raise the bar. 

As dedicated stewards of the PSA, the PSA leadership is working as a united front with a dedicated team of Public Officers to deliver increased benefits and to continuously transform the organisation.

Organizational Structure

The organization is led by a President who is a full-time officer and serves as the Chair of all meetings of which he/she is a member, and as such has a deliberative and casting vote.
Other members of the Executive are the General Secretary also a full-time officer and assists the President in the performance of his/her duties and in the exercise of his/her duties and is subject to the directives of the President.

Other members include the Vice President and Deputy General Secretary, the Treasurer and Industrial Relations Officers. At the next layer, we have the Conference which is the supreme authority of the Association. The General Council has responsibility for directing the affairs of the Association between meetings of the Conference.

The Committees

  • The Grievance Committee
  • Organization Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Women's Arm
  • Youth Arm
  • Male Caucus

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